Relief for massive flood victims

Nepal has been once again hammered by mother nature and this mayhem has left people of our country devastated. With eminent monsoon, the fertile plains of Nepal has turned into flood plains leaving thousands of people homeless and death toll reaching to around 50.

Almost 80 percentage of the Terai (flat land) has been affected by the floods and several villages and cities have no access to food, medicine, first aid, water or even sanitation. Many roads have been swept away leaving cities and places inaccessible. Furthermore, since the transmitters and poles have been swept away, adding salt to the injury, the flood affected areas has no access to power resulting to no communication.

In these hard times, we have come forward to support people who are in dire need of help. We have been know to carrying out efficient relief work and our past work can be seen on our facebook page Facebook page or Pailo Paila . Any help, be it a dollar or a penny, it contributes. No amount is less in conditions like these.

We are as well very sorry that we do not have any incentives for donors as we need to carry these relief work within couple of days before it gets worst. However, you can check the progress on our website or on our facebook page. Thank you!