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We Serve Huminity

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment.

Pailo Paila was initiated immediately after the earthquake the earthquake in 2015. We were working under the banner of ‘Donation for Nepal’ but what we were doing back then needed a continuity and legalization. After having been mentored by philanthropists and social workers from different field we officially registered our organization with the Government of Nepal.

Work With Orphans

We work with the real orphans of Nepal and we do not focus in the capital where much love is poured. We reach out to student who are orphans and are located in difficult locations.

Help schools with stationary

The government schools are thankful for the government for offering free books but on the other hand these kids are deprived from adequete stationary. You can donate as low as $10 for 3 months of stationary for 1 child.

Build Shelters

Despite the fact that earthquake was in 2015 the reconstruction process at large scale has yet not begun. As we had made 250+ houses we are still giving it a continuity even in a small scale.

Be a Teacher

Not all are fortunate of quality education and only handful are exposed to any art & craft or creative session. Be a teacher of English or teacher of music or art & craft. Be a volunteer and let students learn what you are expert of!

School construction

The schools in rural Nepal was already in fragile condition and earthquake has added salt to the injury. Help us reconstruct these schools get their furnitures, shade, safe drinking water and most importantly help students get back to school.

Health Camps

We do charity events and funding for several health camps throughout the year. Our health camps are done in cooperation with other health related NGO’s in Nepal. Help us with our next health camp!

Working to save World