About Us

Pailo Paila was initiated immediately after the earthquake the earthquake in 2015. We were working under the banner of ‘Donation for Nepal’ but what we were doing back then needed a continuity and legalization. After having been mentored by philanthropists and social workers from different field we officially registered our organization with the Government of Nepal.

Pailo Paila’s vision is to help make lives of people in the rural communities in Nepal. Pailo paila’s mission is to make sure to deploy your funds in a scientific and systematic way. Pailo Paila’s goal is to help you reach out to the less fortunate communities of Nepal by the means of funds, volunteering or developmental projects.

Our core area of focus is primarily to help people who have been affected by the earthquake. Primarily by helping them with shelter and shifting them from the tarpaulin settlements. Second, by helping aware people with such natural catastrophe. Followed by helping people with safe drinking water projects and sanitation. Helping communities get their children back in the schools and finally helping people create self sustaining work for income generation. Nevertheless, we represent the less fortunate people of Nepal to you and you to them.